Patient Information

Here you can find answers to FAQs about appointments, treatments, fees, privacy policy, etc. For all other inquiries, please contact me so I can answer you personally.


At Chiro Moment, I take the time to get to know you and your complaints.

Initial consultations are 60 minutes and follow-up visits are 20 minutes.

For each visit, please wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel to put on the treatment table for hygienic reasons.

For the first visit, please also bring a piece of government-issued identification.

Fees and Insurance

  • Initial consultation including treatment € 85
  • Follow-up visit € 60
  • Follow-up visit (children <12) € 40
  • Missed appointment € 30

Payment is due after each consultation as agreed with insurance companies. You will receive an invoice (paper or email) with which you can declare at your insurance company.

Chiropractic treatments are covered by most insurance companies in extended packages under alternative medical care. On the website you can find an up-to-date overview of insurance coverage for 2022.

Home Visits and Online Consultations

If you are in need of a treatment but cannot come to the practice, home visits are available in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Additional costs may apply.

Online consultations are available to existing patients only, in the case you are unable to come to the practice (ex. on vacation of sick).

Chiropractic Treatments

The popping sound or ¨cavitation¨ is created by pressure change inside the jointspace and subsequent pressure release. It is the same concept as the popping sound from first opening a jam jar. It is a common side-effect of the adjustment and not an indication of effectiveness. I always check joint movements before and after for improvement in mobility.

Generally the treatment itself is not painful or heavy, but the changes are set in motion. In the 1-2 days after, you might experience muscle aches, soreness, or tiredness. This is a natural response much like that after a work-out.

In order to lessen the effects of these reactions and to further help with healing, I always recommend rest and easy movements after a chiropractic treatment.

Rest gives your body a chance to process the changes that are taking place. You have to feel in order to heal. Please do not plan heavy lifting, intense workout, or strenuous household chores (ex. vacuuming and mopping) within 24-48 hours after the treatment.

Movements are necessary to prevent extra stiffness in the muscles and joints and will further facilitate recovery. Directly after the treatment it is a good idea to go for a short walk or bike ride, and the days following I will prescribe simple mobility exercises specific to your conditions.


If you are unable to come, please cancel or reschedule the appointment 24 hours ahead of the scheduled time so I could help someone else.

Soms gebeuren er onverwachte dingen en ik zal proberen u zo goed mogelijk tegemoet te komen. Als het echter consequent gebeurt, kan er naar goeddunken van de behandelaar een vergoeding van € 30 in rekening worden gebracht.


Information and Privacy

The following items of information are securely stored in the digital patient system Crossuite.

  • name
  • gender
  • birthdate
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • burgerservicenummer (BSN)
  • medical information and record

The collection and use of personal and medical information by Chiro Moment are solely for the purpose of care delivery and are in accordance with the Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act and General Data Protection Regulation.