Day against Back Pain

Day against Back Pain on November 3!

On Thursday November 3, I will be participating in the national Day against Back Pain, an initiative from the Nederlandse Chiropractie Associatie.

Many people suffer from injuries at some point in their lives. In order to prevent injuries, it is very important that the body functions optimally. Strength, mobility, agility and cooridnation are all crutial to carry out complex movements in daily activities and sports.

Every body has areas that demand attention. The key is to identify and treat these weak spots before an injury occurs, thus making the body less vulnerable.

Who is the Day against Back Pain for?

This day is for everyone. Do you have neck and back pain often? Would you like more information about chiropractic care? 

The focus this year is on sport - do you know which sport is good for your back? Where do you need to pay attention to in order to prevent injury? Which complementary exercises can you add?

What can you expect?

On this day I invite you to book a free back check. During this information consultation, we could discuss your complaints, goals and concerns, afterwards I will assess the function of your spine. Based on the check I will provide you with personalized advice on training, nutrition and injury prevention.

How to make an appointment for a back check?

You can make an appointment online for November 3 (or an earlier date).

You could also email or call/whatsapp +31 6 25 44 84 11.