Chiro Moment is live!

Chiro Moment is officially open as of August 1, 2022!

After two months of intensive renovations, one month of hectic behind-the-scenes preparation, I am ready to welcome you at our beautiful and serene Gaia Wellnest location.

My missions are to create moments of healing and build momentum of health through chiropractic, together with you. My vision is a space where everyone is welcome, where knowledge is communicated clearly, where care is thorough and focused, where science meets humanity.

Chiro Behandelkamer 2

Thank you...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for the time, patience and support, and my friends for the chats and hugs, for listening to my worries and for laughing with me through it all.

Special thanks to (in no particular order):

Dylan Ralke (Dylan Doom) – The best travel buddy and designer extraordinair with flair! Thank you for helping me with my logo and blog illustrations over the years. You transform the ideas in my head into beautiful pictures on screen.

Pim Verweij (Pimternet) – My first Dutch friend who literally gave me a place to land my feet 6 years ago. Lucky for me, he is also a great web designer. Thank you for guiding me through this process and making my visions come true.

Maaike Groeneveld – Talented photographer (and yoga instructor) who was a dream to work with.

Aleks Wnuk (Hello Astro) – Super woman and best random friend I made on the streets of Amsterdam. Thank you for your savvy advice and more so for your cheerful presence in my life.

Helen Lovett – Sweet, caring, and a wizard with words. I am so fortunate that you would edit my writing and teach me to use single space after a period.

Jeroen de Wal (Store du Nord) – My very first patient at Chiro Moment. Thanks for coming all the way from Den Haag to see me.

Mia Lafontaine – My spirit sister who is always evolving. Thank you and Arthur for the help during the renovation.

Erik Hulsner – Thank you for being patient when we went to pick up the chiro table from Hilversum, even when I am the worst navigator in the world.

Tamara Orts – You just understand me. Thank you for being you and showing me to always stand up for what I believe in.

Lisa Lam & Emily Haasmat – A dream team in more ways than one! Thank you for taking the time to edit my Dutch.

Sanne Tames – My second Dutch friend. Thanks for making me feel like there is a place for me in Amsterdam from the very beginning and I especially love our parallel journeys into motherhood.

Collega’s bij Praktijk Chiropractie Roosenberg – Bedankt voor een leuke en leerzame werkomgeving over de laatste vijf jaar. Ik heb altijd genoten van de gesprekjes en uitjes.

Collega’s bij NCA and SCN – Bedankt voor de voortdurende hulp en ondersteuning.

Julie Labarge – Thanks for being my chiropractor for the past four years – fixing me up and cheering me on. I cannot ask for a better person to share this space and this journey with.

Sanne Woltering – Thanks for being so kind and understanding during the stressful times we had. I am really glad to be working alongside you.

Sanne van Ark – My partner in life. I appreciate all that you do for me, for our family and also for this clinic. Love you!

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